For receiving assessments or receiving comprehensive evaluations, there are two options:

The first option would be to have an assessment through the Virginia Tech Center for Autism Research. In this assessment you would complete ASD measures and assessments and receive a diagnostic summary for your time. As a part of getting an assessment with VTCAR, your assessment data will be entered into the Assessment Database for research purposes. This means that you are allowing us to use your assessment data for research purposes and you are consenting to being contacted for possible participation in future research projects through VTCAR. You would not be under any obligation to participate in any future research; this just gives researchers the option to contact you to see if you are interested in participating in another study.

The assessment appointment has two parts and lasts about 4 to 5 hours. You or your child will complete cognitive assessments and an observation of their behaviors. We may also conduct a parent interview so we may obtain a complete developmental history.

Please note that in this assessment, we only assess for ASD. We do not assess for other disorders. However, if we do notice other possible concerns, we will provide referrals for additional evaluations either at Virginia Tech or elsewhere. This is free of charge. However, if you opt for an additional evaluation at one of our referred VT clinics, you are eligible for a discounted rate starting at $400 or lower (the full price is usually $600).

In order to proceed with this option, please fill out information on our Registry.

Another option would be to have an assessment done through the Virginia Tech Autism Clinic (less than 7 years old) OR Child Assessment Clinic (greater than 7 years old). In this assessment you or your child would complete ASD measures and assessments and receive a diagnostic summary as well but you and/or your child would not be participating in the VTCAR research database at this time. If there are other concerns that come up while completing the ASD assessment, then additional tests will be done so that the assessment is individualized to your concerns. In this assessment, people who know you or your child are contacted, if applicable (for example, teachers or doctors) to try to get a bigger picture. Therefore, this assessment is more comprehensive and is considered a full clinical evaluation. With this assessment, fees start at $600 but may be lower based on a sliding scale.


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