2017 VTCAR/VTAC Annual Conference March 30th-31st 

Faculty, students, affiliates, and community are invited to attend the 4th Annual VTAC Outreach Conference, and the 5th Annual VTCAR Conference, sponsored by the Virgina Tech Center for Autism Research (VTCAR) and the VT Autism Clinic (VTAC). The annual conference will aim to present research that aligns with its core focus areas: Biomedical and Imaging, Technology, Education, and Clinical Translational. The theme for this years conference will be Advocacy. 

Deanna Swain presenting practical applications of ASD research, "Preparing for the Transition: Connecting Research to Resources", to the crowd of students at Stemability. (July 2016)
Zoe Waddell presenting her poster on ASD research, "Parenting Stress and Autism: The Impact of Child Problem Behaviors on Maternal Stress", to the crowd at the SURF Annual Research Symposium. (July 2016)